Welcome to the Eternal Hooligan Family.

We are a VW Air Cooled Car Club with old school values Honor, Respect, and Family.

We share strength in beliefs, moral code, and each other. Where life's experience and our way of life has brought us to who we are today. None of us our here for drama so please don't start any..If your here your family we expect problems to be solved in private as much as possible.

Respect each other as family, Honor each other as family. Be loyal to each other as family, and this bond will never be broken in this life or the next. Here we grow together, we check on each other , we confide in each other ,we always look out for each others families. We share ideas , always with respect to each other,

Disrespecting others is your fastest way out, this club was to be intended for brothers & sisters who believe family and respect are key in what we do, all are welcome , this is not a place for the weak , Ill willed or a place to take advantage of anyone as we all travel, we all fight to the core for what we believe in , so commitment to each other, our families and this club we love is always number 1!